Camping, Kayaking Silver Springs in Frigid Florida

Image: Silver Springs panorama
Silver Springs State Park | Ocala

It might surprise you that Silver Springs Park was the top tourist spot in Florida before the mouse came to Orlando. Time and temperaments led to its decline. Now a State Park, it lured us with lucid spring waters, scenic hiking trails, and wild monkeys (no kidding).

If only we had planned better for the seasonal temperatures. Or, you know, aimed south rather than north.

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Devil Crabs and Cobra’s Curse – Doomed by Deli at Howl-O-Scream

Image: Howl-O-Scream Day of Dead characters with giant calavera
Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream | Tampa

Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream event offered the sublime treat of thrill rides and the Halloween vibe with haunted houses and costumed creeps. But did my plan to fill up on Cuban sandwiches and devil crabs on the way trick us out of thrills and chills with bellyaches? Continue reading “Devil Crabs and Cobra’s Curse – Doomed by Deli at Howl-O-Scream”

Brocato’s Tampa Cubans – Primo Pork and Generous Portions

Image: Brocato's Sandwich Shop Cuban sandwich
Brocato’s Sandwich Shop | Tampa

Did we find the best Cuban sandwich in Tampa? Our trip to Busch Gardens had us passing the legendary Brocato’s Sandwich Shop. We’d be foolish not to stop. By the time we finished, the north Tampa deli had changed my mind about the Floridian delicacies.

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8 Tasty Cocoa Beach Restaurants Sure to Be Favorites

Image: Cocoa Beach restaurant Mangia E Bevi Pizzeria Napoletana burrata
Restaurant Round-up | Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach restaurants offer you wide-ranging options. Cheap bites and fine seafood delights enriched our hunt to prove eight establishments worthy to satisfy the tastes of hungry beachgoers on the water, near the sand, or inland. You’ll find fresh tasty vittles and satisfying value when you visit the following spots. And maybe you can suggest any we missed out on. Continue reading “8 Tasty Cocoa Beach Restaurants Sure to Be Favorites”

Hillsborough County Fair Our New Fall Fair Food Custom

Image: Fairgrounds and carousel
Hillsborough County Fair | Dover

The Hillsborough County Fair is upon us which means fair season is here to herald in the fall. Now, if you are anything like us then we share a love for fair food. Consequently, the deep-fried, slow cooked, open grilled, sugar dipped vittles are our main attraction to any midway. Of course, if time and budgets allow, we might fit in a few rides and spectacles to round out the event.

We decided to take our inaugural trip to our new county’s fair on opening night, one of two nights this season when admission and rides are $1 each. The bargain was too good to pass up so we hopped in the sporty little runabout with our allowance of $25 each and minds swimming with visions of trailer-made treats. Continue reading “Hillsborough County Fair Our New Fall Fair Food Custom”

Do The Dog House and More for Flavor Galore

Image: Hot dog platter at The Dog House and More, Ruskin
The Dog House and More | Ruskin

The Dog House and More is that glint of gold in the pan which we roadside grub miners seek. You will find under faded fronds a treasure box of riches from snacks to meals, to desserts and all are made in-house by a gem of a cook (or two) who clearly loves making delicious food for uplifting gormandizers. Moreover, after several years of much-deserved accolades, they managed to keep their shine. Continue reading “Do The Dog House and More for Flavor Galore”

Scenic Cockroach Bay Nature Preserve High Noon Hike

Cockroach Bay Nature Preserve | Ruskin

Cockroach Bay Nature Preserve had us in a sweat. The panoramic views from the crest of the prominent hill made it worthwhile, though I regret opting for foot trails over kayaking through the mangroves. And why did I drag my wife out for a high noon hike without shade? Flowers. Pretty flowers.

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Our Special Occasion at the Singular Shrimp Boat Restaurant

Image: Ahi Tuna entree Shrimp Boat restaurant
The Shrimp Boat | Valrico

On your anniversary, you want to eat someplace that treats you well, where your money buys something pleasant and memorable. Our special occasion required great food, great service, and tasty adult beverages. The Shrimp Boat had previously proved themselves to be worthy of the task. Would this second visit confirm it?

From tasty cocktails to decadent dessert, we Chartered The Shrimp Boat to make our twentieth wedding anniversary a fun and memorable evening. Continue reading “Our Special Occasion at the Singular Shrimp Boat Restaurant”

Volunteer and Blaze a Trail: Triple Creek Preserve

Image: Horace's duskywing butterfly on beggar's tick flower
Triple Creek Preserve | Riverview

Do you mean to volunteer but can’t seem to find the time in your schedule? I’ve found that by donating your time and skills in areas in which you get enjoyment, you can merge volunteering with your hobbies thus killing two birds with one stone. Which comes in really handy if you’re a champion stone-skipper during an overpopulation of mallards.

In my case, an affinity for hiking paired well with needed trail maintenance at Triple Creek Preserve. I aimed to get my week’s trek while giving of myself to others. And maybe expand my knowledge of nature. Continue reading “Volunteer and Blaze a Trail: Triple Creek Preserve”